Let's make some games

What is a game jam?

Make a game from scratch surrounded by inspired people

Hatch an Idea

Think of a concept, gameplay idea, storyline or genre. You don't need to plot out every single thing in your game out front. Your idea can evolve and shape into something great over time.

Pick an Engine or Framework

You probably want to find some groundwork to build your game on top of. There are a lot of great free and paid game engines out there. See the Resources page for some suggestions!

Build out Gameplay

The core of the game comes down to how it plays. Whether it is a top down shooter, 1st person RPG, turn based strategy game or even a text adventure, the gameplay is what makes the experience.

Create the Content

The meat of the game comes from the content. Having the gameplay alone doesn't mean there's something to play! Build out levels, items, NPCs and bosses to make your game great!

Get started by picking a framework or engine

The resources page lists some great engines to check out

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Upcoming Dates

Dates are all optional, if you can't make it, no sweat



No current dates are posted.