Let's make some games

Spring 2016 Jam

The inaugural game jam lead to some hilarious stuff. We saw some people go through a few iterations, of games. Some finished, some got a working concept, and some deferred plans for later. Below you can find the games made in the Spring 2016 game jam (in no particular order).

Pour milk ON THE CAT

Play "Pour Milk ON THE CAT"

Author: Noah Chase

Engine: Phaser

A simple game where you, well, need to pour milk on the cat. Noah's first take at game development, and a fun little distraction. Some people are looking forward to its gripping sequel.

Shooter (Demo)

Download "Shooter (Demo)"

(Windows only currently)

Author: Michael Barrett

Engine: GameMaker

A single level retro style bullet hell featuring a unique "jaunt" mechanic allowing the player to switch between control modes. Requires a controller to play. This is a demo for what may become a larger game in the future.

Office Sim 2017

Play "Office Sim 2017"

Author: Chris LaPointe

Engine: Phaser

A hyper-realistic simulator of the Silver Spring office, you play as Chris frantically running to fetch cups of coffee for Matt, while avoiding Caleb, who is on a firing spree. You can play as any of the game's characters by appending a '#' and their name to the url.


See "Rombot" on GitHub

Author: Romoy Headly

Engine: Phaser

Can you outrun your own sins? Play against yourself in this platformer, collecting stars and avoiding your alter ego. This game is still being developed, but has a built out first level. You can clone it on github and run it with NodeJS.

Tetris Attack Clone

Caleb made progress on his pet project clone of the classic "Tetris Attack" game, aiming to make an online multiplayer experience.

"Double Agent"

Michael Hackner took a crack at making a game mod for Dota 2, where a player from each team is a double agent.

Rolling Ducks

Greg made a duck roll around in the Unity engine, which was pretty great. Afterwards, he experimented with Phaser.

Wall Surfing

Richard began work for a physics based "wall surfing" game, taking inspiration from popular CS:GO community maps.

3D Tetris

David broke into the Unity engine space working to make a 3D version of Tetris. He made great progress towards making the game with a working concept of blocks falling and stacking.

WIP Game by George

[Not yet available]

Author: George Goodman

George began work on a game in Unity with some slightly NSFW themes regarding substances.